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Highlight key categories in your PrestaShop store
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Categories List is a module that will allow you to promote the most important categories in your store. You can choose which categories you want to display and place them anywhere on your page using hooks. The module is responsive and will adapt to the width of the screen or element it is in.


The module has the following features:

  1. Dynamic carousel - The module uses a JS library that creates a scrolling, horizontal list of categories. You can set the number of categories per page, scrolling speed and transition effects.
  2. Custom header and content - The module gives you the option to add your own header and content above the list of categories. This will not only increase the visual appeal of the module, but also improve the SEO of your store, as you can use keywords and encourage visitors to visit the categories.
  3. Easy category selection - The module has a tree of all the categories in your store, which will make it easier for you to choose the ones you want to highlight. You can also change the order of categories using drag and drop function.
  4. Responsive design - The module is designed to fit any type of page. You can place it in a section that takes up the entire width of the screen or in another part of the page. The module will automatically adjust to the size of the screen or element it is in.

See how the module works on the home page of our demo: Module demo


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