Fresh, wide perspective on website and e-shop creation, good representation of current trends in website design, strong side of creation, innovative solutions, great interface proposals, overall a five plus rating.


Professional services, individual approach to the customer and their expectations, a wide range of offered solutions. Everything timely and high level.


Thank you very much for the pleasant cooperation, everything always done very quickly and professionally, in any situation we could count on help and reliable service at competitive prices for the service.

Professional websites

If we wanted to go with the flow of all IT agencies, right here we would write a few catchy slogans to convince you to buy a website from us. But we won't use unnecessary persuasion tricks, because firstly we have enough factual arguments, and secondly we know that no one wants to read this. So moving on to the point, what will you get by deciding to cooperate with Compsoul:

  • A fully professional and functional website or online store, available in comfortable price packages,
  • Fast, efficient and optimized applications, confirmed by high results in Google tests,
  • Long-term support and supervision over the ordered website,
  • Efficient and secure hosting solutions.

You're probably wondering how this offer stands out from hundreds of others? If you want to know - ask your potential contractor: Will they give you a guarantee of high results in prestigious speed and optimization Google tests? Or if your website won't be placed on one server along with many other applications, making it vulnerable to failures? Forewarning - if you believe that these aspects can be skipped, and in return you'll receive an SSL certificate, unlimited number of sub-pages, optimization and responsiveness - know that you cannot, and the aforementioned "features" are not a bonus, but an absolute standard.

Online Stores

Compsoul is a company specializing in designing and implementing individual online stores. Its offer includes the use of systems such as PrestaShop, Magento, Shoper and Shopify. When designing online stores, the company does not use ready-made solutions, but creates a project and a completely original code of the website.

The company attaches great importance to the quality of the website, which is confirmed by high results in prestigious tests of speed and Google optimization. Therefore, online stores designed and implemented by Compsoul are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also very fast in operation, which translates into user experience and positively affects the results of the store.

The company's offer consists of three implementation packages: Lel, Polel and Dziewanna. Each of them includes different functionalities and modules, but the company leaves its clients the possibility of modifying them according to their own needs and preferences. If the client wants to add or remove some modules from the package, the company immediately estimates these changes and adjusts the offer to the individual needs of the customer.